Kent-Delord House Museum Education Program



The museum is always available for tours.  We only require at least a week advance notice.  We can tailor the tour to any time period or theme that you request.  Otherwise, it will be a generic history of the Delord generations.


Trunks of the Past

This program includes four trunks with different themes.  Each trunk contains reproduction artifacts and clothing, as well as history and information on the topic and time period.   Suggested lessons plans and student activities are included.   The Trunks include:






1812 Days/Delord Days

Designed primarily for grades 4-6, this program is held on the museum grounds in the spring.   Teachers may sign  up for a morning or afternoon session over a two day period.  Pre-registration is required. 

1812 Days

Delord Days


Holiday Program

This is a program primarily for grades K-6.  Museum programs will be available Dec. 7-18 from 9 am to noon.  Students will have a 40 minute “class” during which they will participate in activities in various rooms of the museum.  The KDH Garden Club members decorate the museum around a theme.  Students will learn about cultural diffusion, customs and traditions in different countries and time periods, and enjoy the decorations.  Cost is $3 per student, teachers and chaperones are free. Pre-registration is required as this is one of our more popular offerings.  Call ASAP to schedule a time for your class!


We are willing to work with schools and teachers to create any education programs relating to the museum’s mission and its resources.


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