More than 1British&American reenactors00 re-enactors from the U.S. and Canada descended on Plattsburgh and encamped on the Kent-Delord House Museum grounds at 17 Cumberland Avenue.  During this 201st Commemoration of the Battle of Plattsburgh, nearly 500 people went through the museum and encampment to see how 1814 soldiers lived. The Voltigeurs from Quebec; the Canadian Fencibles from Ontario; the Royal Irish Artillery from Maine and Canada; the 15th U.S. Infantry from New York, Massachusetts and Maine; Forsyth’s Rifles from Northern New York; the Royal Navy Landing Party from Ontario; bateaux from New York, Vermont and Ontario.  Local re-enactor units include the 3rd East Kent Buffs and Peru Militia. These re-enactors, men and women from all walks of life,  made history come alive for all of us.