Hair Jewelry as Tokens of Love

Would you believe that it was very common in the Victoria era for people to save hair from people they loved and have it made into jewelry? Well, it was! The Kent-Delord House Museum has a collection of hair jewelry on display! Find out more about this custom and why people made hair jewelry.




Miniatures Provide Interesting Perspectives on the Extended Delord Family

Miniature paintings thrived in America during the early nineteenth century.  Many of the finest portrait artists in oil undertook miniature painting in order to please clients who wished to wear and display these intimate pieces. Find out how miniature portraits of Frank Hall’s family provide new perspectives on the Delord family!





Books from a Family Library

Like many families of means, the Delords had an extensive book collection. Throughout the Museum the books are displayed, including Fannie Hall’s copy of Gray’s Anatomy and a book condemning the use of alcohol as a medicine. Learn more about the books the Delords were reading.






New Information on an Iconic Portrait

One of the most famous portraits in the Museum’s collection is the portrait of Betsey Delord painted by Abraham Guglielmus Dominey Tuthill in 1818. This portrait was sent to Henry Delord’s sister in France. Find out a new interesting fact about this painting valued highly by the community!





Archaeology Dig 2005

In 2005, there was an archaeology dig at the Kent-Delord House Museum. Find out more about what we found!