Hands-on History In Your Classroom

Trunks of the Past

The Kent-Delord House Museum has created four trunks that can bring an aspect of history into your classroom.  Each trunk contains reproductions of historic item that your students can actually handle and investigate along with background information, lesson plans, and student activities.  The trunks have been made possible with assistance from grants from various sources including the New York State Council on the Arts, the Kiwanis Club of Plattsburgh, the Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority, and a Clinton County Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Grant.

The following trunks are available:

War of 1812 British Officer’s Personal Gear:  Items in the trunk include a uniform, a bicorn hat, a shako hat, a spyglass, sundial compass, eating utensils, set of British coins, documents and more.  A teacher’s binder is included.

Childhood in the 19th Century:.  Items include period clothes for both boys and girls, games of graces, clay marbles, pewter jacks, quill pen, flipbook, Jacob’s ladder, and more.  A teacher’s binder is included.

Samuel de Champlain:  Items in the trunk include an armor breastplate, Morion helmet, cavalier hat and cape, Native American breastplates, astrolabe, wampum, and more.  Teacher binders include pictures, documents, lesson plans and student activities.

Civil War: Trunk includes general and personal items a soldier would have during his deployment, uniform jacket, caps, and more.  A teacher’s binder is included.

How can you get a trunk?


*              Call 561-1035 for dates and scheduling or email ploughan@gmail.com

*              Cost is $30 per trunk; it can be kept one week.


**Please note

Additional fees may apply if contents are damaged or not returned.