The Delord Family History

The DelordsThe Delord Family

The three generations of the Delord Family of 17 Cumberland Avenue were prominent citizens in the North Country community.  Henry Delord came to the Plattsburgh area as a French immigrant, fulfilling the American dream of success in the early 19th century. From postmaster to Congressional Medal of Honor, there is much to learn about this family. Find out more about the Delord Family!



frances henrietta wedding portrait

Frances Henrietta Delord Webb’s Wedding Portrait


A Nineteenth Century Honeymoon: The Wedding Travels of Frances Henrietta and Henry Livingston Webb, 1832-1833

Step back into a time where taking a honeymoon was not just a two week vacation. After Frances Henrietta and Henry Livingston Webb were marred in August 13, 1832, the couple started their journey to Europe on their honeymoon. During their time in Europe, the couple visited France, Italy, Switzerland, England, and Scotland. Thankfully, Frances Henrietta kept a detailed journal of her trip and is still accessible to us today! Learn more about the couple’s honeymoon travels and adventures!