WANTED Names for Our Woodchuck Family

Dear Friends,

“We’ve been residents around the Kent-Delord House for centuries. We were here when this place was just a country cabin. Then a handsome couple came and made the house bigger and added gardens and buildings for us. Our ancestors tell us about the battle…shooting and big metal balls flying around. Soldiers came with guns and it was so noisy. Today, there are ladies and a few gents who work in the gardens. They do plant some delicious treats for us. They sometimes gather in groups above our heads. We often startle each other at odd times during the day. We feel we are part of the Delord family and would love to be called by name. Can you help us?

We are asking that you send us your suggestions for our names. There are 3 of us right now. (Mom, Dad, and Baby) Submit as many names as you’d like. Mail/drop off your ballot at the Museum or vote on Facebook. In September, we will announce the winning names. Share this with your friends, the more choices the better. “

Gratefully yours,
The Kent-Delord Woodchuck Family