Garden Club

We invite you to become a KDHM Garden Club member. Garden Club members cultivate and care for the gardens at this unique historical house in much the same way the Delord family nurtured their ground 200 years ago. Members learn about unusual and forgotten varieties of plants and discover the layout and content of Henry and Betsey’s early gardens. The group enjoys field trips and seeks out and shares area secret gardens at the annual Secret Garden Tour. The year ends with the members decorating the House for the holidays creating the magic that the community looks forward to seeing year-after-year.

The Kent Delord House Museum has benefited from years of these dedicated members or "keepers" of the Delord family legacy. However, until 1986 with the inception of the Kent Delord Garden Club, the gardens laid dormant and the fence and gate that welcomed the Delord guests was in storage. Drawing from family diaries, correspondence, historical records, maps and photographs, members recreate these historical gardens and grounds.

Some Garden History

1812 Lieutenant de Russey, an Army engineer and map maker laid out the land to the west of the house in formal gardens with walkways, similar to gardens of his native France.

1819 Henry Delord drew by hand a plan for the front gardens and referred to it as "My Wife and Frances' Flower Garden"
Garden Club Accomplishments

1986 Garden Club founded

1993 Raised funds and restored the decorative front fence

1998 Members discovered a photograph of the front gardens from a pamphlet published in 1914, The Centenary of the Battle of Plattsburgh that clearly showed the geometric designs of the front gardens.

2001 Engaged Lucinda Brockway of Past Designs, Kennebunkport, ME, a historic landscape research and design firm to develop a Master Garden Plan

2005 As part of the Master Plan, Henry Delord's Alleys were laid out on the grounds. A grape arbor was recreated on Frances Alley from an old photograph. In the kitchen garden on the west side of the house, plants that were used for flavoring, medicines, fragrance, or dyes have been added. Flower varieties used in the gardens represent or interpret gardens of the 19th century from 1810-1913.

2016 The Garden Club celebrated 30 years of caring for the Kent Delord House gardens

We hope you join us… just open the gate and step into history and enjoy the beautiful gardens!