Certificate Earned for Kent-Delord House Museum

Paula Calkins Lacombe, President of the Board at the Kent-Delord House Museum announced that the Museum recently earned another certificate for Stewardship of Collections, under the StEPS program,”. StEPS stands for Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations. It is a program offered by the American Association for State and Local History
(AASLH) to assist history organizations to meet national standards for accreditation. The StEPS program is self-guided and allows small museums to develop professional standards.

Lacombe states, “With this accomplishment, we join over 190 groups across the country who have earned certificates; we are one of 1000 other history organizations working with the StEPS program.” The Board wanted to meet national museum standards and build a framework of excellence now and for the future and the StEPS program gave us the means to do so.” To date, we have received three certificates, however, this is our first Gold level certificate and represents the core of our existence. With the Museum’s unique collections of furniture, portraits, and documents, we can share true stories from three generations of the Delord family that cover over a 200-year old timeframe.